Introducing: Phare


Known for his work as one half of atmospheric duo Lyttet, Peadar Kearney, has a new solo-project, Phare.

As Phare, Kildare native Kearney, is leaving the softer elements to one side, preferring instead, to zone in on clubbier sounds, and to say it is fruitful would be an understatement. Phare gracefully floats in an ambiguous hinterland between subtly euphoric and vaguely ambient, sustaining the rhythm and protracting the promise of a euphoric climax, while captivating through repeated propulsive beats and swirls. Mixing warm sounds with a crisp frosty elegance, he creates a hypnotic, comforting sound collage, and none more so than with twinkling crystalline grandeur of debut single ‘UP’. While ‘UP’ chimes and shimmers with a glacial-like sheen, ‘Monday’ continues the trend but raising the tension and intensity somewhat. Chiming notes resonate through every track and the beats are delivered with pin point accuracy – as sublime introduction as there ever could be.

Check out ‘UP’ & ‘Monday’ below. If you’re EP bound next month, Phare will be gracing Saturday’s Oxjam at Electric Picnic, @ 1 am (in association with HomeBeat).

Introducing: Peadar Kearney

It is hard to explain, or understand, the reasons why so much quality music is coming from Newbridge (after all I’m from the place and I can hardly even hum a tune). What is clear though, for a small town, the dearth of musical talent is staggering. Another name to be added to the ever increasing list is Peadar Kearney, a 22-year old musician from Newbridge, currently residing and working in Toulouse, France.

From his Gallic hideaway, Kearney has been whisking up some wonderful, bubbling downtempo electronica. Created with a deft touch and delicate attention to detail to furnish us with sounds of tranquility. The rather nocturnal ‘Yonville’ is a case in point; calming, peaceful and oh so smooth, as is the equally lovable ‘Serenade. Assuring he’s not a one trick pony ‘Ahab’ meanwhile, has a bit more a spark to it. Centered around a seductive guitar line, it is met with sharp snappy beats and deep hums, which all sit comfortably side by side.

There are a few choice picks below and if this tickles your fancy, there’s plenty more over on Soundcloud.