Matthew Jay – Dear Jane

The world of music is littered with tragic tales of talents taken before their time, talented songwriter Matthew Jay is one such case.

In 2001 Draw was released, an impressive debut and a taste of things to come. It turned out to be his only album however, a testament to his young life before his untimely passing at the age of 24 on September 25, 2003.

To mark the anniversary of Jay’s 33rd birthday his family has released ‘Dear Jane’, one of the last songs written before his untimely passing. ‘Dear Jane’ is a delicate acoustic number with Jay’s shy voice lending a gentle richness to the song which is both haunting and captivating.

‘Dear Jane’ is on sale today, Monday 10th October 2011, the anniversary of Matthew Jay’s 33rd birthday.

Matthew Jay – Dear Jane

10 Years On: Matthew Jay – Draw

At the turn of the new millennium British music was in the doldrums. It was suffering badly from the effects of a post Brit-pop hangover and bedraggled by the success of the likes of David Gray. The landscape looked sparse.

Amidst this mire emerged a young English musician Matthew Jay and his debut album, Draw. It was believed to be an impressive debut and a taste of things to come from a talented songwriter. However, it turned out to be his only album, a testament to his young life. In early hours of September 25, 2003, at just 24 he fell to his death from a seventh-floor apartment window in London.

On its release in spring 2001 Draw attracted rave reviews and a Mercury Music Prize nomination. Jay found himself compared to the likes of Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith (eerily all of which died young, Smith himself died less than a month later).

It is an album which is deeply touching and largely hopefull, steering clear of unbearable tragedy. Jay’s shy soft voice lending a gentle warmth and richness to the songs. Jay is just as comfortable with delicate acoustic thumbing or the more vigouris electric numbers, all of which are hugely infectious.

It is a real shame he is no longer with us, he was surely destined for great things. You can probably pick-up a copy of Draw quite easily and for a resonable price these days – it comes highly recommened. 

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