Leggy – ‘Taffy’


Next month, Cincinnati trio Leggy will release a new album, Let Me Know Your Moon.

It was announced in mouthwatering fashion with expansive, gritty and anthemic indie rocker ‘Eden’ last month, and they are back, sharing another new track from the forthcoming record called ‘Taffy’. Leggy continue their trend for irresistible garage rock with a punky edge, ‘Taffy’ is a gloriously frenetic and chaotic swirl of noise. It skitters as drums slam, guitars buzz and generally fizzes with a boisterous energy before abruptly crashing to ground. ‘Taffy’ tip-toes between light and dark, teetering between harsh and melodic, a perfect companion for Veronique Allaer’s initially nonchalant reflections of self-doubt which swell powerfully with an emotive, compelling intensity. Phenomenal.

Listen to ‘Taffy’ below – Let Me Know Your Moon is out on March 8th via Sheer Luck Records.

Leggy – ‘Eden’


In 2017, Cincinnati Indie trio Leggy released a self-titled record of collected works of their material since 2013 and this year, they’re going one step further and releasing their first full-length album.

Entitled Let Me Know Your Moon, it is out on March 8 and is preceded by ‘Eden’; the first single lifted from the forthcoming album. It is an expansive indie rocker, gritty and anthemic, sliding between a garage rock and indie before taking a different shape as it goes along, veering off on a motorik beat into more experimental post-punk territory. There is a sweetness to ‘Eden’ also, mostly in the form of the melody which bubbles away beneath the layers of crunchy guitar, meaty riffs and mild doses of fuzz and distortion as the powerful, passionate and compelling vocals sit front and centre. A phenomenal tune and mouthwatering taste of what we can expect from Let Me Know Your Moon come March.

Listen below.