James Wyatt Crosby – ‘Nobody Else’


James Wyatt Crosby continues to charm our ears with new single ‘Nobody Else’.

Having already treated us to the sanguine sounds of ‘Candy Floss’, the Toronto-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has delivered another pristine piece of stellar pop-craft – not to mention the splendid video. Warm, melodic and infectious indie-pop, it is sparkling with jovial warmth as it bobs along an irresistible wave of hypnotising breeziness that will be bopping around your head all day. Garnished with a delightful touch of brass, it leads to a sonic and unforgettable climax. The kaleidoscopic vintage video – shot by a deserted lighthouse on an uninhabited Georgian Bay island, Crosby’s brother, Stephen, using a 1960’s Bell and Howell 16mm camera with LomoChromo Purple film – is the perfect companion to the shimmering delight. Guitars set to shimmer – this is guitar-pop perfection!

James Wyatt Crosby releases his debut LP, Twins, today, Friday, September 15.

James Wyatt Crosby – ‘Candyfloss’


James Wyatt Crosby is a Toronto-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who makes catchy, smiley dream-pop songs with a lo-fi DIY ethos.

Crosby’s latest single ‘Candyfloss’ is a case in point. A gentle, smile-inducing pristine piece of stellar pop-craft, this dreamy little ditty is chock-a-block full of lush instruments, hazy daydream vibes and the vocal harmonies here are irresistible. Warm, inviting and sparkling indie-pop; we’re greeted by, and treated to, an irresistible wave of hypnotising sounds, slinky grooves, shimmering guitars and oh so pleasant vocals. Smooth, sugary-sweet perfect guitar-pop!

Crosby’s debut album is forthcoming and if ‘Candyfloss’ is anything to go by, it’s going to be hard to ignore.

‘Candyfloss’ out now, tune in below: