Francobollo – ‘We’re Dead’


London-based Swedes Francobollo like to mix it up in their fearless quest to create songs which blend, morph and encompass styles by the bucket load; parts indie, part glam, part psych, prog and post-punk, and generally brilliant.

Latest single ‘We’re Dead’ is a taster from an expected second LP; the follow-up to last year’s debut album Long Live Life. While it maintains Francobollo’s unshakable scintillating sparkle and brightness, it is reminiscent of early purveyors of the loud/quiet dynamic, a la The Pixies, ‘We’re Dead’ takes a dig toward the unhealthy obsession with social media. However, well pointed cynicism aside, it is irresistibly catchy as bouts of buoyant pop melodies and buzzing guitars dance  with sporadic but energetic bursts of screeching guitars and swaggering vocals, burning basslines and pounding drums. Francobollo have, what appears to be an innate, natural knack for a toe-tapping melody that worms its way into your head – and will stay there.

Tune in to ‘We’re Dead’ below:

Introducing: Francobollo


London-based Swedes Francobollo care little for labels or genres, and appear fearless in their quest to create songs which blend, morph and encompass styles by the bucket load.

Part indie, part glam, part electronic, part psych, prog and post-punk – and a whole lot brilliant – their debut album ‘Long Live Life’, out July 14, promises to be quite an adventure. Preceding it’s release is ‘Worried Times’; an irresistibly catchy psych-infused guitar jam. Buoyant pop melodies and light easy-on-the ear vocals are juxtaposed with wailing guitars, burning basslines and pounding drums that explode into periodic bursts of energy and screeching vocals. Previous single ‘Wonderful’ of a similarly irresistible and experimental lucky bag in nature; albeit with a much slower pace and swaying melody.

Francobollo’s debut album ‘Long Live Life’, is out July 14, via Square Leg Records. Ahead of that, please check out ‘Worried Times’ & ‘Wonderful’ below.