Django Django – Life’s A Beach + Steve Mason Remix

I’ve been banging on about the brilliance of Django Django for ages now. Their self-titled debut being my favourite album of 2012, I’ll never shirk an excuse to big them up. Part of Django Django’s appeal is their seamless ability to blend genres and sounds from a melting pot of influences into a splendid blend of indie, rockabilly riffs, with an electro groove at its heart.

Their latest single ‘Life’s a Beach’, taken from the aforementioned album, ticks all those boxes; propulsive garage-rock/rockabilly riffs meets an insatiable danceable fever. Django Django have undeniable similarities to The Beta Band, so it is a pleasant surprise to find they enlisted Steve Mason on remix duties. Mason’s rework retains the undeniable groove of the original, adding a slightly dubby feel and drenches it in a hazy fog.

‘Life’s A Beach’ is out November 12th on 10″ vinyl and download.

Django Django – Skies Over Cairo (Adrian Sherwood On U Sound Dub)

A few weeks back I attempted to do Django Django‘s marvelous debut LP the justice it so desperately deserves.

One thing which I neglected to mention was how remixable so many of the songs sound. On that note,  here is Adrian Sherwood’s dub rerub of ‘Skies Over Cairo’. Retaining the undeniable groove, he has fleshed out the middle eastern allusions, introduced a splash of dub beats and effects to produce a marvelous piece of music in it’s own right! 

‘Skies Over Cairo (Adrian Sherwood On U Sound Dub)’ is taken from the Storm 7″ vinyl, out now. Listen to it below.

A few words on Django Django: My favorite album of 2012 so far

I had extremely high hopes for Django Django‘s debut record. The preceding singles were not only promising, they were spectacular statements of intent. Thankfully their self-titled debut surpasses even my grand expectations.

There are undeniable similarities with The Beta Band (hardly a negative thing) but they have far from copied or imitated. Part of Django Django’s appeal is their ability to seamlessly blend genres and sounds from a melting pot of influences into a striking blend of understated indie, with an electro groove at its heart. Through the rockabilly riffs of ‘Default’, ‘Life’s A Beach’ or ‘WOR’, the electro grooves of ‘Wavforms’ or ‘Zumm Zumm’, or the softer, folkier textures of ‘Love’s Dart’, ‘Firewater’ and ‘Hand Of Man’, it just works. Anchored by alluring harmonies and an undeniable groove which permeates the record throughout, this is indie music to dance to, 

It is hard to do such a marvelous record justice in a few mere words, take it from me, this is an inspired and wholly irresistible debut.

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Download: Django Django – Default

Django Django – Waveforms

Django Django – ‘Default’

Django Django spent most of 2011 hidden away working on their debut album and last week they announced it will be released via Because Music on January 30th.

This is great news obviously but it got even better, the band also released a brand new single ‘Default’. It sticks with the essence of what the Django’s have been doing, mixing tribal, rockabilly and electro grooves topped off with some alluring harmonies to create a truly unique sound.

This is yet another fantastically catchy cut from the Djangos and I for one am really excited to hear their debut album in the new year.

 Django Django – Default

Django Django – ‘Waveforms’

After a year away working on an LP, Django Django have finally resurfaced with new material, single ‘Waveform’.

They’ve stuck with that tribal electro-groove and spacey synths which established their name and topped it off with some alluring harmonies. It is another fantastically catchy cut from the Djangos, I for one am really excited to hear their debut album which is due to drop in the new year.

In the meantime listen to ‘Waveforms’ (out in October) and give some of last year’s tunes a spin here.

 Django Django – ‘Waveforms’