Cloud – ‘Heartfluttered’


Cloud is Long Island-based musical adventure revolving around chief songwriter Tyler Taormina & friends.

Earlier this year, Cloud released their new LP Plays With Fire; a treasure trove of wide-eyed, optimistic and dreamy indie-pop. On the back of that, Cloud have shared ‘Heartfluttered’, the latest single lifted from their new LP – and my, is it a tune. Unfurling with a steady, seductive beat, melancholic strum and alluring harmonised vocals, Heartfluttered’ intoxicates and woos with a brimming sense of optimism and soothing soundscapes and dreamy, lullabies with wave upon wave of gentle fuzz lapping from the side. With this, we are introduced to another level of calm tranquillity akin to floating among the clouds – so much so, that even the squalling riffage midway through cannot not deter the overwhelming sense of snug warmth and sheer dreaminess.

‘Heartfluttered’ is a joy, simple as that, and one you can tune into below. If you like it, why not check out the new LP Plays With Fire here.

Cloud – ‘Wildfire’


Cloud is a Long Island-based project, revolving around chief songwriter Tyler Taormina.

Back in 2013, the US outfit released a well received debut album, Comfort Songs, on Audio Antihero – and five years on, they have teamed up with the same label for their second offering, Plays With Fire. Ahead of the new record, Cloud have shared lead single ‘Wildfire’ – taking us on a colourful adventurous journey through synth pop, psych folk, surf rock, krautrock and electronica. It’s an uplifting, glossy, dream-pop production, mixing its baggy beat with a soft, psychedelic wave of synths which gradually envelopes everything else. This psychedelic wall of sound – with vocal interjections that call to mind The Go! Team and Pinkunoizu – will suck in the most unwilling of ears. The melody lulls you in with a repetitive loop and washed out drums, before raining down a swirling vortex of hypnotic power. A melodious, hook heavy and irresistible confection of sound. Stunning!

‘Wildfire’ is the album’s lead single, which is accompanied by a music video directed by Taormina and an exclusive non-album b-side. You can check them out below now.