Black Manila – ‘June 95’

South London trio Black Manila are soon to release their debut single ‘June 95’. Strange that, considering the quality of their earlier slew of free downloads.

little has changed thankfully, as they continue their quest, resurrecting the licks, dirty guitar riffs and gravelly tones of garage rock bands of old. ‘June 95’ sees gravel-pit vocals from Gareth ‘Sun King’ Hoskins backed by a pretty formidable rhythm section. It’s hard to deny those heavy guitar riffs and that energetic drumming some love. ‘Tap Dance to the Hangman’ is a little more of a dander, than a sprint, but packed with just as much swagger as it’s counterpart.

‘June 95′ will be released on December 10th through Fatal Justice Records. Check ’em both below.

Introducing: Black Manila

Formed in 2010, Black Manila are a London based garage rock band, resurrecting the licks, dirty guitar riffs and gravelly tones of old fashioned garage rock jams.

The band already have a few single releases under their belt but with ‘Fiasco’ and b-side ‘England’, they have really found a groove. ‘Fiasco’ is a ferocious rock-out, sneering vocals sithe through a haze of repetitive guitars while ‘England’ stomps along a softer edge into an epic droned ramble. Both tracks are dispatched with a sense of assured confidence and swagger to boot.

Both ‘Fiasco’ and b-side ‘England’ are out now & available as a FREE download.

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Download: Black Manila – Fiasco

Download: Black Manila – England