Light Falls – ‘Prism’



Chances are you’ve already come across Dominic Gentry’s work, albeit under his previous alias, Attaque.

Having established name within the world of techno, before shifting his focus a little, Gentry has decided upon a new moniker, Light Falls. Accompanying this re-brand so to speak, is new single ‘Prism’; as clear an indication as your likely to get that Gentry’s output remains steadfastly superb. Meticulously crafted, ‘Prism’ is beautifully fine as it gracefully traverses a hinterland between delicate electronica and driven techno, with the chanting vocal adding a final touch of class. ‘Prism’ unquestionably marks a marvellous return for Gentry, and it’s a sublime intro to this, his new moniker.

You can check out ‘Prism’ below now – hopefully we’ll be hearing plenty more from Light Falls throughout 2016 and beyond.


BarryGruff’s Albums of the Year 2014


So, it’s that time of year again, yeah, it’s favourite albums of the year time. Loads of great music this year, some old faces and plenty of new ones too but for those of you who care, here are my 25 albums of 2014. Enjoy!

25. Second Storey – ‘Double Divide’

24. Beach Day – ‘Native Echoes’

23. Globelamp – ‘Star Dust’

22. Sex Hands – ‘Pleh’

21. The #1s – ‘The #1s’

20. Attaque – ‘ON LY YOU’

19. Shit Robot – ‘We Got Love’

18. Mowbird – ‘Islander’

17. Oh Boland/Me & My Dog – ‘Delphi’

16. Jamie T – ‘Carry on the Grudge’

15. Pharoahe Monch – ‘PTSD’

Following on from his 2011’s W.A.R, comes fourth solo LP, PTSD (aka Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a loose-concept album which sees Pharoahe Monch speaking as a weary independent warrior against the industry machine and dealing with the struggle of the black male experience in America. It’s dense, raw and sometimes painfully raw, as he relives harrowing memories of his struggle with addiction, depression and suicidal thoughts. It’s all draped with his familiar top-notch storytelling, cavernous vocabulary, thought-provoking rhymes, precise delivery and thought-provoking metaphors, placing him right up top of the current hip-hop pile.

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Attaque – ‘Future Earth (Feat. Native Young)’

UK producer Attaque has captivated us this year with his absorbing, intricate and lush sounds, having already treated us to the dazzlingly infectious ‘Only You‘ and the bliss-filled sounds of ‘Change Your Mind’.

Attaque’s second album Only You came out just last week, and to coincide with the release comes the utterly captivating single, ‘Future Earth (Feat. Native Young)’. A dynamic and hypnotizing gem imbued with a calm and tranquil energy, featuring the heavenly vocals Native Young which whisper and hush through lush orchestral arrangements, rich atmospheric textures, tribal-like percussion and groove that builds to a rich euphoria. Colourful, captivating and magnificent, Attaque’s sounds have been one of the electronic highlights of this year and his talent continues to relentlessly yield rather spectacular and captivating results.

You can sample ‘Future Earth (Feat. Native Young)’ below and the album, Only You, here.

Attaque – ‘Change Your Mind’

UK producer Attaque continues to tease us ahead of the forthcoming release of his new album, Only You. First off we had the dazzlingly infectious and meticulously crafted title track ‘Only You‘ and now he’s presented us with the bliss-filled sounds of ‘Change Your Mind’.

Majestic and melodic, it builds slowly through a woozy mix of beats and sounds, drifting towards the dreamy and magical realms of electronic music. A breathlessly atmospheric song, aided and abetted by some wonderfully hazy vocals from Adam Pleass of Qtier, it meanders through these braising blissful sounds, intoxicating every fibre of your being. A truly beautiful song that ekes out a sweet spot between woozy shoegaze and ambient electronic pop. Things are shaping up nicely for the release of Attaque’s new album, a change of pace, direction and style but the class remains.

Only You is released on October 27th via Bad Life. For now there is ‘Change Your Mind’, if you’re not already convinced, it’ll do just that.

Attaque – ‘Only You’


Electronic producer Attaque has been hidden away in his studio for the past 12 months working on the follow up to his debut album, When Light Falls, which is set for release in October.

Already a quite well established name within the world of techno, Colchester based Dominic Gentry has shifted the focus of his Attaque project towards something somewhat different, far more subtle, melodic and endearing with mesmeric new track ‘Only You‘. It hits that woozy sweet spot between techno and electronica, and in marrying the two, he gracefully traverses between subtly euphoric and twinkly ambient. Dazzlingly infectious and meticulously crafted, ‘Only You’ is brimming with life and energy yet throughout the melodic and majestic twists it manages to remain relaxing and bright – as bright as the sun rising on early on a summers morning. ‘Only You’ marks a marvellous return from Attaque and is also the perfect introduction to his new direction.

You can stream ‘Only You’ in full below. The new album, also called Only You, is penned in for an October release through the ever interesting Bad Life Records.

Attaque – ‘Warble’


Attaque has been making waves over the past two years, impressing at every given opportunity with his heads-down, brain-crumpling kinetic electro.  

Attaque has proven himself quite prolific too, with a string of singles, EPs and an album in relatively short space of time. Ahead of some new EPs, he has returned with a new track, ‘Warble’. While this name is slightly misleading, as the track does anything but warble, it is yet another great track from the Colchester boy. ‘Warble is in fact a pretty brutal assault of thumping  electro / techno, pitted with some ragga style vocals. 

No dates as of yet for the release of the aforementioned EPs but for now you can download ‘Warble’ for free below. 

Attaque – Flow EP

Colchester producer Attaque already produced one of the most scintillating electronic albums of the year with When Light Falls, comprised of ten heads-down, brain-crumpling kinetic electro powerhouses.

Not content with that accolade his brand new EP, Flow, comes hot on the heels of his debut album. While the new EP is not as dark or sinister as what we’ve heard before, both ‘Flow’ and ‘Motion’ are typical Attaque straight-edged techno tunes. The real surprise (a welcome one at that) is second track ‘Envelopes’. It sees him venture into slightly more ‘house’ territory, blending it with his unique style of techno which works remarkably well.

Prolific or what? Check ‘Envelopes’ out below or buy Flow here.

Attaque – Paragon

Young Colchester producer Attaque came onto the radar with a number of cracking EPs in 2011 and through praise from the likes of Tiga, Fake Blood and Erol Alkan.

To sign off the year in style Attaque has decided to offer up new track ‘Paragon’ as a free download. It is no surprise to find him embracing his knack for making hard-edged, minimal yet rich techno tunes.

It is another reminder that we should expect be hearing a lot more from this promising up and comer over the next 12 months.

Download: Attaque – Paragon

 DownloadAttaque – False

Introducing: Attaque

Attaque is a young producer from Colchester who has already been getting heavy support from Tiga, Fake Blood, Erol Alkan and Brodinski.

Now relocated to a studio in Brighton he has quite the talent for making hard-edged techno tunes – minimal yet rich and not to far from Laurent Garnier or Simian Mobile Disco’s ‘1000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong’ or ‘Gizzard’ stuff. Going by these latest few offerings we should expect be hearing a lot more from this promising up and comer in the future.

His first EP, Light Falls, will be released on London’s Bad Life label. You can grab his latest track, ‘False’, below.

Download: Attaque – False

 Attaque – Light Falls

Download: Friendly Fires – Live Those Days Tonight (Attaque remix)