Alexander Teller – ‘It’s All Happening in Berlin’

Alexander Teller Photo by Karina Stevens

Brighton-born, London-based musician Alexander Teller, has returned just in time to close out 2016 with a sublime new single, ‘It’s All Happening in Berlin’.

A multi-instrumentalist, the singer-songwriter writes, records and produces his music from his South London home; a formula that seems to be working a treat.Teller’s previous work came in for praise here before but his latest single might be his best and most affecting work to date. A beautiful song – musically and lyrically – it is powerful and emotive, with a melancholic and lamentable feel. It is as though we are privy to the the last days of a declining world, a world falling apart at the seams. Led by piano and acoustic strum, and back by some swish, swooning orchestral sweeps coalesce while Teller’s powerful, deep, dark brogue endeavours to raise his lyrics to pride of place – emblematic of the song’s stirring emotion and rousing defiance. Powerful and compelling, this is Teller’s finest hour thus far.

Listen to ‘It’s All Happening in Berlin’ below, now.

Alexander Teller – ‘The Ritual’

Alexander Teller UK 2014

Alexander Teller is the latest project from multi-instrumentalist Alex Wells, who featured a number of times in the past under his former guise of Twin Brother.

Alexander Teller is more of an evolution of sounds than a clean break from the past. It feels like a natural progression of an artist. The new material is still, broadly speaking, ‘indie-rock’ but is however, less brash, a little bit slicker and sees the addition of some ear pleasing synths and frazzled electronics. In saying all that, there are many continuities too. What previously earmarked Wells as an exciting proposition remains an intrinsic part of his music; namely, the excellent songwriting and his recognizable voice – his powerful, deep, dark brogue endeavours to raise his lyrics to pride of place. The new guise seems to be fitting well as ‘The Ritual’ is testament to; a magnificent track and the highlight of an ever increasing batch of new tracks. Pretty sure this won’t be the only time to be hearing from Alexander Teller.

You can check out ‘The Ritual’ below and there is plenty more where that came from on his Soundcloud.