Phoenix 48 Radiothon: 2 Hours w/ BarryGruff + The Boozey Swine

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

A few weeks back, myself and The Boozey Swine, sandwich maker to the stars, took to the airwaves as part of Phoenix FM‘s 48 hour Radiothon.

The Radiothon was to raise funds for the station and to support the continued work it does in the Dublin 15 community, and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of. It was pretty nerve racking but after Boozey said a few prayers to the patron saint of radio, Larry Gogan, we we’re on our way and it was loads of fun. Sure what’s more enjoyable than taking over a studio to play loads of your favourite music? You can listen to the full two hour show in all it’s glory below and the tracklist is after the jump. We’d quite like to do something similar in the future but we shall see, maybe those prayers Boozey was rattling off will come through for us.

Before that, a massive thanks to Boozey for being part of the show, and everyone who donated a few quid and all the sound people at Phoenix FM, we thank you. Enjoy!

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92.5 Phoenix FM 48 Hour Radiothon

92.5 Phoenix FM are doing a ’48 Hour Radiothon’ next week to raise funds for the station and to support the continued work it does in the Dublin 15 community. It will kick off on Wednesday, 26 March at midday and finish off 48 hours later at midday on Friday, 28 March.

Not quite sure how we swung this one but myself and sandwich maker to the stars, The Boozey Swine will be doing our bit to raise a few bob too. We shall be taking over the airwaves between 6 & 8 pm on Thursday, March 27th to play some choice tunes and whatnot. If you’ve nothing better to do on a Thursday evening tune in. You can listen live via their website if you live outside D15.

If you would like to make a donation, you can get me at barrygruff[at] or in person at this weekend’s 4th Birthday Bash in Flanagan’s. To give you an idea of what we’ve got planned, here are three tunes that will most likely be getting an airing….