Max Bloom – ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’

Best known for his role in London-based lo-fi loving indie outfit Yuck, Max Bloom is stepping out on his own, and releasing his debut solo album, Perfume, on April 24.

Ahead of that, Bloom has shared a new single lifted from his debut called ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’. Shifting away from distorted guitars and ’90s inspired lo-fi fuzz that marked his work with Yuck, ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’ is a bright and uplifting slice of joyous pop – made all the more alluring (and fun) by the triumphant bursts of brass that illuminate the guitar bop and power-pop punch. It is an unbelievably catchy jam filled with sinuous melodies and adorned with huge hooks, ones you could hang your hat on. If you need cheering up, this is the right job for you.

‘Thinking ‘Bout You” is out now and Max Bloom’s debut is expected on 24 April via Anniversary.

Tia Gostelow – ‘Rush’

Australian artist Tia Gostelow introduced us to her lavish and exquisite indie folk / pop stylings with superbly addictive singles ‘Giants’& ‘Phone Me’ back in 2018.

Two years on, amid working on a new album, Gostelow has returned with a dazzling new single ‘Rush’. Delivered with recognizable pop finesse, it is a lush blissful and colourful burst of indie pop – exploring more feel-good territory than before. Gostelow’s sweet honeyed tones are the perfect pairing for the warm and colourful confection that shimmers above the seductive groove and propulsive synthline. This is lush, feelgood and bewitching electro-pop. It is irresistible and danceable as it goes, a sonic embrace made in heaven. ‘Rush’ is simply stunning and as good as anything she has produced to date – and that is lofty enough praise in itself.

Get lost in the feelgood blissfulness of ‘Lush’ below – three minutes of much needed relief from the realities of the world at the moment.

Many Voices Speak – ‘Want It Kept’

Sweden’s Many Voices Speak – aka Matilda Mård – has a real knack for beautiful slumbering whispers of lush dream pop; something offered in abundance on 2018 debut Tank Town.

The good news is that Mård is back in action with a new single called ‘Want It Kept’, and it is divine. The master of misty-eyed, melancholic and hazy indie, Mård opens with a slowly swirling, shapeless mist that seeps forward engulfing her sad but elegant and beautiful vocals as they hover above slowly waltzing groove and undulating melodic bubble. Delicate, dreamy and truly beautiful, ‘Want It Kept’ will have you transfixed with its beguiling beauty and smouldering emotive draw.

Listen to ‘Want It Kept’ below:

Oddnesse – ‘All American Lie’

Oddnesse is the fruitful collaboration between musician Rebeca Arango and producer Grey Goon, two east-coast heads based in Los Angeles with a shared affinity for catchy hooks, heavy grooves and apocalyptic hypotheticals.

Together they have produced a steady stream of lush, dreamy and alluring indie-pop gems – ‘Are You Down’, ‘I Used To, ‘Donut Shop’ & ‘Lover’s Calling’ instantly spring to mind – and the pair have shared their first release of 2020, ‘All American Lie’; an elegant and intimate slice of lavish indie-pop. It oozes sophistication and melodic allure as we are treated to a dazzling blend of subtle guitar-lines, glistening chords, sleek synths and lush tones that shimmers and drip with a rich melody while the pristine honeyed vocals are a perfect pairing for this glittering pop. As has been the case so many times in the past, Oddnesse deliver a beautiful, melodic and lush pop treat – and one that will be bobbing around your head all week.

Listen to ‘All American Lie’ below now:

Simen Mitlid – ‘Weeks’

Simen Mitlid is a Norwegian singer-songwriter hailing from the woodlands of Os, who has a precocious talent for lush, dreamy indie-folk.

This statement is backed up by two sublime albums – 2017’s Everything is the Same & 2019’s Neutral – and mere months after releasing the latter, Mitlid is back with ‘Weeks’, a first offering from a new forthcoming album Birds. Featuring Norwegian contemporaries Tuvaband, ‘Weeks’ is a beautiful, dreamy and heart-melting beautiful slice of indie-folk. It is lush and dreamy, tender and intimate as woozy layers and textures abound as atmospheric tones swirl around a gentle, melodic strum. ‘Weeks’ is brimming with blossoming pop euphoria as Mitlid’s lilting vocals, imbued with warmth, add another level of  innate tenderness and compassion that is wholly irresistible. It is yet another charming, heartwarming and utterly bewitching slice of indie-folk – that new album can’t come quick enough.

Tune into ‘Weeks’ below:

Life Aquatic Band – ‘Underwater Highway’

Life Aquatic Band are a seven piece forged in the furnaces of Sheffield, crafting a charming and seductive blend of indie, psych, funk, disco and pop.

Life Aquatic Band are fresh from releasing their debut album LABPD or BAND ON THE HUNT;  a concept album built around the premise that Paul McCartney has been on the run since Wings album ‘Band on the Run’ in 1973, and the Life Aquatic Band Police Department are determined to catch their man. Accompanying the new album is new single ‘Underwater Highway’ and a marvellous entry point the playful and slightly oddball world of Life Aquatic Band. It is a woozy and melodic slice of sombre indie-pop propelled by meaty, funky bassline as hushed vocals float amid shimmering psych guitars and cosmic sparkle, provided by the spacey, Casio-esque synths. It is colourful, charming and playful brilliance, and it is but one of many to be found on the new album.

Listen to  ‘Underwater Highway’ below and you can give the new album a spin here too.

Chloe Foy – ‘Callous Copper’

Manchester-based singer, songwriter and folk artist Chloe Foy introduced her beautiful, expansive and melodic folk sound with ‘Oh You Are Not Well’ and ‘Without You’ last year, and Foy is kicking 2020 a new EP, Callous Copper.

Released on February 21, the EP is an intimate selection of songs, old and new, that have been re-imagined with the added stirring beauty of a string quartet. With its release, Foy has shared title track ‘Callous Copper’ as an introduction to the EP; an intimate selection of songs, old and new, that have been re-imagined within the setting of a string quartet. Pacy, sumptuous strings and drifting melody afford the perfect backdrop to Foy’s striking and silk, smooth vocals and distinctively bittersweet songwriting. Simplistic but stirring, ‘Callous Copper’ sweeps by with a touching tenderness and compelling swell of emotion, the poignancy of which is enhanced by the soaring levels of her stunning vocal performance. Effortless in its delivery, it is an utterly stunning single.

Listen to ‘Callous Copper’ below:

Beauty Queen – ‘Sweet Memory’

LA-based singer/songwriter Katie Iannitello, better known as Beauty Queen, introduced her penchant for dazzling delights of lush, hazy and dreamy pop with 2019 debut EP, Out Of Touch.

Beauty Queen is back, kicking off her 2020 with a sublime slice of seductive synth-driven pop in the shape of ‘Sweet Memory’. Produced by Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley of Tennis, it has the duos stamp all over it as ‘Sweet Memory’ sees Iannitello’s already captivating, polished sound pushed into hazier, dreamier and more spaced out zones. It is a dazzling blend of subtle guitar-lines, sleek synths and lush tones that shimmers and drip with a rich and alluring melody while the pristine honeyed vocals are a perfect pairing for this glittering pop that will be instantly recognizable to Tennis fans – it is quite simply a heavenly combination.

Listen to the dazzling ‘Sweet Memory’ memory below and while you’re at it, why not check out the 2019 debut EP, Out Of Touch, here.

Winter – ‘Say’

Winter are an LA-based outfit fronted by Brazilian born songwriter Samira Winter, who’s love for guitar music and nostalgic imagery inspires their dreamy cuts of pop perfection.

Together, they form a formidable partnership, delighting us with a steady supply of woozy, glimmering and wistful dream-pop songs – delivered in abundance on 2018 album Ethereality. Winter have returned with news of a new album called Endless Space (Between You & I), due May 15 via Bar/None Records, it is accompanied by lead single ‘Say’. 

A lush, woozy and dreamy excursion, ‘Say’ sees Winter’s light, inviting vocals cast into a shifting series of settings, with beguiling results. At times entirely covered with a heavy blanket of reverb and fuzz, a bubbling bassline groove propels us through a gentle whirlpool of shimmering psychedelic dream-pop awash with slumbering tones, pop hooks, irresistible melodies and effortlessly effervescent. It is charming and beautifully crafted dream-pop, it strikes a perfect balance between pop and the psychedelic.

Listen to ‘Say’ below and keep an eye out for Endless Space (Between You & I), due May 15.

Wesley Gonzalez – ‘Change’

UK musician Wesley Gonzalez will release new album Appalling Human later in the year, the follow up to the 2017 debut LP Excellent Musician.

Out on June 12 via Moshi Moshi, it matches confessional lyricism to an increasing electronic music influence, mixed for the dancefloor by James Greenwood (Ghost Culture, Daniel Avery, Kelly Lee Owens). With news of Appalling Human comes the arrival of lead single ‘Change’ – a huge tune in sound and emotion. Underpinned by a bubbling groove, floating synths and bouncing bass rhythm, ‘Change’ will be stuck in head for days on end. Notwithstanding the electronic allure that graces his sound, at his music’s heart there is a depth to the song writing and his honeyed, melancholic vocals convey this message with aplomb.

‘Change’ is below now. Wesley Gonzalez’s Appalling Human album arrives via Moshi Moshi Records on 12 June