Wesley Gonzalez – ‘Change’

UK musician Wesley Gonzalez will release new album Appalling Human later in the year, the follow up to the 2017 debut LP Excellent Musician.

Out on June 12 via Moshi Moshi, it matches confessional lyricism to an increasing electronic music influence, mixed for the dancefloor by James Greenwood (Ghost Culture, Daniel Avery, Kelly Lee Owens). With news of Appalling Human comes the arrival of lead single ‘Change’ – a huge tune in sound and emotion. Underpinned by a bubbling groove, floating synths and bouncing bass rhythm, ‘Change’ will be stuck in head for days on end. Notwithstanding the electronic allure that graces his sound, at his music’s heart there is a depth to the song writing and his honeyed, melancholic vocals convey this message with aplomb.

‘Change’ is below now. Wesley Gonzalez’s Appalling Human album arrives via Moshi Moshi Records on 12 June

Le Couleur – ‘Concorde’

Le Couleur is a Montreal trio made up of Laurence Giroux-Do (vocals), Patrick Gosselin (bass), and Steeven Chouinard (drums) who, together, craft wonderfully woozy, lush and disco-infused pop.   

The Canadian outfit strut their seductive wares with new single ‘Concorde’ – the title-track lifted from their forthcoming album, Concorde on April 17. It is lush and alluring as it slides along a seductive, deep, slo-mo disco groove as basslines bubble and synths shimmer and glisten while the irresistible breathy vocals float above. Peppered with breakouts of funky riffs and glowing synths, ‘Concorde’ is stunning and utterly irresistible. Suffice to say, it’s a catchy, fun, and pure pop, in the best way possible.

Listen to ‘Concorde’ below and keep an eye out for the album of the same name coming in mid April.

LITCHE – ‘But Isn’t Love Important?’

Aussie producer LITCHE (aka Sam Litchfield) has a knack for cultivating dreamlike soundscapes that whisk us off to free-floating, ethereal wonderland in the clouds.

The latest in his line of atmospheric wares is the heavenly ‘But Isn’t Love Important?’It is a lush, dreamlike affair as synths shimmer and electronics twinkle, illuminating the true pulse of the track as steady beats and sustained rhythm protract the promise of euphoric climax, while keeping you captivated through repeated propulsive beats and swirls. LITCHE blends warm sounds with a crisp frosty elegance, creating a hypnotic, comforting sound collage that thrives in the space between subtly euphoric and vaguely ambient.

Listen to ‘But Isn’t Love Important?’ below:

Prisoner of Mars – ‘Cityscapes’

Prisoner of Mars is the brainchild of Phil Galloni & Cameron Ljungkull. The duo, originally from the Midwest, met in Los Angeles and began writing together, bonding over their eclectic music tastes.

The result of this collaborative instrumental/experimental project came to be known as Prisoner of Mars. Borrowing its name from 90s avant-pop group Stereolab, the project takes inspiration from across a broad musical spectrum – from 90s hip hop, to 70s soul, 80s pop, and 90s underground avant pop – with a vision to create a unique soundscape that stands apart from the assembly-line pop production of the 21st century. There vision is most certainly realised on their brand new single, ‘Cityscapes’.

Adding the talent of Alex Kyhn (bass, Macy Gray) and Ian Wurfl (drums/percussion), they eek out a perfect blend of organic and synthetic sounds. ‘Cityscapes’ is a smooth, lavish and carefully weaved blend of mellow hip hop and trip hop grooves – peppered with brass above and a muffled, dreamy bassline running beneath it; this is a breezy, easy on the ears slice of fresh, jazzy hip-hop seduction. A warm aural feast of silky smooth vibes and lush allure – marvellous stuff.

Listen to ‘Cityscapes’ below – it is lifted from their forthcoming EP Dream Cell, out April 7, 2020.

Luiniss – ‘Yellow Bird’

Luiniss is a US-based musician/producer who crafts beautiful compositions to accompany their other loves; massage therapy & yoga. 

Luiniss’ latest release ‘Yellow Bird’, is an elegant, lush and dreamy slice of electronic lullaby. Combining warm synthesizer tones & soft piano melodies, it twinkles as it tips graceful along a subtle undulating melody amid a touching and tender tone. It is a gentle, warm and woozy escape to a place of relaxation and tranquillity. Melting with an understated melody and lush allure, ‘Yellow Bird’ exudes a warm, elegant and beautifully ambient vibe. In short, it is divine.

Listen to ‘Yellow Bird’ below:

bad tuner – ‘Adelaide’s Voyage’

Born in Yugoslavia, raised in Russia and is now residing in Brooklyn, bad tuner is moniker of musician and producer Jozef Sergei Dimitrov.

Bad tuner’s specialty appears to be woozy dancefloor focused electronica and his latest single, ‘Adelaide’s Voyage’, is a stunning sonic distillation of said approach. Lifted from the forthcoming coming soundtrack in collaboration with NYT writer, Ian Urbina, ‘Adelaide’s Voyage’ surges with energy, unleashed gradually, allowing you to enjoy the ride rather than be swept aside. Unhurried, its progress feels organic as seductive rhythms and soft precision beatwork usher us forward through an ocean of intricately textured shimmering synths and lush, woozy electronics, that are voluminous and dense.These rhythmic oscillations add further momentum and that deep groove captivates entirely, bewitching the listener into a state of blissful stupor. 

Tune into ‘Adelaide’s Voyage’ below – prepared to be wowed!

denzelworldpeace – ‘Float’

Denzelworldpeace is a beat maker and producer from the US with a ear for melody and flair for elegant, rich productions.

The latest single to emerge from the project is ‘Float’ – and all kinds of wonderful. It drifts along with an ease and breeze, unhurried, unhurried and with a gentle swagger as luminescent electronics fizz with life as lush synths and lavish melodies cavort and coalesce to create a bewitching world or rich, colourful and melodic allure that washes over you with such a breathless ease. This is our first introduction to the mysterious beat maker but it’s not one you’re likely to forget in a hurry.

Listen to ‘Float’ below:

Introducing: Opera23

Opera23 iis the moniker of Barcelona-based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Vincenzo Germano.

Utilising both analogue and digital instruments, Germano’s sound leans heavily on repetition and minimalism, something explored with great detail on his recently released debut album Internal with Figures, Lights. And Shadows. Capturing the genesis of the album are singles ‘Room 3’ and ‘Blob-Tragedy’. ‘Room 3’ opens with intense flash of transfixing static which flesh out to fuzzy waves of repetitive, fluctuating and glitchy 8-bit sounds which flow to meet a rising soft but strident beat. It is powerfully compelling and epic, moving with an air of awesome (in the truest sense of the word) as it transfixes with cinematic expanse. ‘Blob-Tragedy’ meanwhile is similarly minimal but while the former was awe inspiring and hopeful, this a much more pensive affair. It navigates its was slowly along droning stabs of synths while electronics flicker and hum amid a sea of moody, murky and shadowy swirling textures.

Listen to  ‘Room 3’ and ‘Blob-Tragedy’ below and if you like what you hear, check out the album here.

Death Hags – ‘Be Who You Are (Skyforest edit)’

Death Hags is the multifaceted project of Los Angeles-based, French electronica artist, Lola Jean. Working mostly from the secluded hideaway hills of East LA, Jean crafts hypnotic, futuristic and minimal electronica inspired by the likes of Brian Eno, Björk and Twin Peaks.

An enigmatic creative force for sure, Jean’s singles to date have been nothing short of sublime, and new one ‘Be Who You Are (Skyforest edit)’ is no different. It is lifted from Big Grey Sun #1, the first instalment of an ongoing seven-volume multi-media project, one “centered around the idea of a post-human utopia.” Hushed, dreamy vocals hover above deep, burrowing bassline groove that meanders slow while distorted guitars burn slowly amid a haze of warm fuzz – ‘Be Who You Are’ is lush, lavish and dripping with rich melody. Hypnotic and transfixing, residing in a moody atmospheric world of rich textures and dreamy allure, ‘Be Who You Are’ offers a much less tense and terse take on Death Hags’ brand of dream/synth-pop.

Tune in below:

Norskye – ‘Universal’

‘Universal’ is the debut single from Hungarian producer Norskye, and oh my, what a way to announce yourself to the world.

‘Universal’ is nothing short of stunning. An imaginative and diverse electronic excursion, it begins with at trickle of glistening tones, chimes and elegant slashes of electronics while a deep, seductive groove bubbles away gently, slowly swelling into a soul consuming joy illuminated further by lush vibes, shimmering synths and the icing on the cake, the sumptuous brass. ‘Universal’ is irresistible, a pure and utter joy from start to finish.

Give it a spin below, it does not disappoint.