Freedom Fry – ‘Ego Trip’

Freedom Fry is held in very high esteem around these parts – no question about that. 

Over the years the prolific pairing of Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll regularly brighten up our lives with charming, catchy and memorable indie-pop jams culminating in 2018 debut LP, Classic, 2020’s Songs from the West Coast, and L’ Invitation earlier this year.

Not content with releasing a new album, Freedom Fry are signing off on 2021 with a new EP, Broken Down on Planet 909, and with it, a new single ‘Ego Trip’. Retaining their signature touches; an ear for hook, melody and harmony amid their charming shimmering sonic delights – ‘Ego Trip’ is rich and heartwarming as it meanders along a gentle waltzing groove while sinuous melodies melt into the warm organ and rich vocals amid a sea of lush and woozy tones. It is just a fabulous track, and one that sees them continue to flirt with electronic elements and all whisked together into a beautiful confection of melodic, dreamy and hazy indie-pop.

Tune in below:

English Teacher – ‘Good Grief’

English Teacher are a Leeds quartet trading in meaty and razor-sharp sprawling post-punk alchemy who introduced their wares with ‘R&B’ via the ‘Nice Swan Introduces’ series earlier this year.

English Teacher have wasted no time, following up with new single ‘Good Grief’. While its predecessor was a meaty mash of searing riffs, soaring guitars and crunching drums, ‘Good Grief’ moves with a touch more  buoyancy and sprinkled with hooky refrains. It swaggers along with confidence and attitude while basslines rumble and guitars bash and cymbal crash while Lily Fontaine’s deadpan vocal croon has all the bite and rasp required. Another superb tune from the Leeds outfit – very, very promising!

Take a listen below.

The Reverse – ‘Cocktails in the Rain’

The Reverse are a London-based indie outfit with a flair for blending acerbic guitar pop with electronic textures.

Latest single ‘Cocktails in the Rain’ is a case in point; a beautifully understated piece of electronic, shimmery pop marked with a real sense of melancholy and longing. Hushed, lilting vocals flow gently on by, oozing with melancholy and pulling at the heartstrings while a soft beat patters below flourishes of warm synth and gentle bright strum. The Reverse prove masters of hook, harmony and heart; ‘Cocktails in the Rain’ is one of those songs, filled with such heartfelt beauty, glowing warmth and just the right amount of melancholy to leave you unable to resist its allure but all the better for it. An absolute treasure.

‘Cocktails in the Rain’ is the lead track from their new EP ‘If The World Ends Now’ released on Blang Records.

Take a listen below.