Mailer – ‘Rokkaku Group’

‘Rokkaku Group’ is the debut single from new London-based producer, Mailer, who cultivates a compelling, concise and hypnotic sound.

Fusing elements broken techno, breaks, dub, and hip hop, Mailer crafts something we’d expect from far more seasoned hands, embracing experimental sound design to evoke vivid, dystopian imagery.

The single, ‘Rokkaku Group’, demonstrates these attributes in abundance driving the dancefloor dynamics through a deep, sparse and subterranean world. Crisp beats patter a groove while a winding atmospheric synth oozes an eeriness that joins with the sparse surrounding to engulf the refined bass work. There is a rather beautiful yet eerily sinister aura that marks ‘Rokkaku Group’ dominated initially by restrained percussion and a hollowed out, murky spaciousness – this dynamic does however, afford room for space, space that’s filled with hypnotic potency and rich atmospherics. As good a debut as you are likely to hear – this is sublime.

Listen to ‘Rokkaku Group’ below now: 

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