Introducing: Alighted

Alighted is the moniker of Los Angeles-based producer McLean Macionis, who has introduced his solo wares with debut EP Resurfaced.

Alighted’s debut is a wonderful collection comprised from warm analog sounds, raw field recordings, and meandering ruminating atmospheric textures. Drawing inspiration from a personal battle with cancer, the EP is a powerful epic complete with moments of hardship, emotion, awe and sheer bliss.

This prowess is best demonstrated by opening and title-track; ‘Resurfaced‘. It is a dazzling jam with colourful tones, flashes of shimmering synths and dreamy melodies all woven together with a playful allure while the slick beats patter below in tandem with rumbling bass and warm arpeggiated melody. Immersive and hypnotic it majestically blurring the lines between exhilarating electro and ethereal electronica. While differing in style, An Imperfect Circle’ is equally as spectacular. It is a dazzling downtempo meander through ethereal tones, shimmering synths and glinting electronics; cosmic and cinematic, it is all draped in a smouldering sense of awe. 

‘Resurfaced’ is a magnificent introduction to a very promising talent, no question. Tune in to two choice cuts below and the EP is here.

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