Lastigband – ‘Gold Finger’

Born from the ashes of psych wonders Sen Segur, North Walian Lastigband (AKA Gethin Davies) crafts cosmic experimental lo-fi psych-pop.

Lastigband’s latest single is ‘Gold Finger’ and exhibits all the aforementioned playful, experimental pop prowess and leftfield vibes. It slinks and swaggers along a stuttering, slo-mo and off-kilter groove while electro beats snap, stabs of frazzled electronics and rippling synth create a colourful confection that is underpinned by unsettling, eerie undercurrent. Davies’ vocals drift above, whispering with an otherworldly quality while his nephew Jac adds to the energy and otherworldly vibe. A unique, addictive and wholly brilliant piece of cosmic pop.

Listen to ‘Gold Finger’ below now:

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