Clear Soul Forces – ‘Chip$’

Detroit hip hop collective, Clear Soul Forces are preparing to release their fifth and unfortunately final album Forceswithyou on March 13.

Formed in 2009, the hip-hop quartet made their name with a classic combo of head-nodding, shuffling percussion with subtle and melodic instrumental touches. Ahead of their final hurrah, they have shared hypnotising and bouncy lead single ‘Chip$’ to whet our appetites. Clear Soul Forces hit the ground running as each rapper unleashes his own style and cadence, attacking the beat with slick wordplay crammed tight with colourful pop-culture references. Like most of their work, ‘Chip$’ finds a balance between contemporary creativity and nostalgia – it is irresistible, and will have you coming back for repeated listens. A slick, hypnotic and perfectly executed introduction to the new record.

Listen to ‘Chip$’ below and keep an eye out for Forceswithyou when it is released on March 13.

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