bad tuner – ‘Adelaide’s Voyage’

Born in Yugoslavia, raised in Russia and is now residing in Brooklyn, bad tuner is moniker of musician and producer Jozef Sergei Dimitrov.

Bad tuner’s specialty appears to be woozy dancefloor focused electronica and his latest single, ‘Adelaide’s Voyage’, is a stunning sonic distillation of said approach. Lifted from the forthcoming coming soundtrack in collaboration with NYT writer, Ian Urbina, ‘Adelaide’s Voyage’ surges with energy, unleashed gradually, allowing you to enjoy the ride rather than be swept aside. Unhurried, its progress feels organic as seductive rhythms and soft precision beatwork usher us forward through an ocean of intricately textured shimmering synths and lush, woozy electronics, that are voluminous and dense.These rhythmic oscillations add further momentum and that deep groove captivates entirely, bewitching the listener into a state of blissful stupor. 

Tune into ‘Adelaide’s Voyage’ below – prepared to be wowed!

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