Tiphanie Doucet – ‘Under my Sun’ (bi-lingual version)

Tiphanie Doucet is a French singer-songwriter based in New York, singing and writing elegant, tender and mellow folk songs.

In August 2018, Doucet released her debut album Under My Sun – produced by Simone Felice and David Baron – and led by the beautiful single and title-track ‘Under my Sun’. Today, we are concerned with a reworked, re-imagined and bi-lingual version of the single. A song about growth, self discovery, and maintaining a positive outlook throughout life’s tribulations, filled with calming, undulating instrumentation, it tips and skips along a gentle strum and muffled snare, taking us on a pastoral journey through a world of lovely rich folk pop. Beginning in English before sliding to French, Doucet’s dreamy vocal is a revelation both beautifully calm and majestic, it works in perfect harmony with the acoustic driven, melodic and deeply rich folk sounds that reveals Doucet a master of style.

Listen to ‘Under my Sun’ below – it is divine.

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  1. Lynda jane Hall wallace

    Yeah like this relaxing soothing at this znxious time in the world. Got a uk pr promoter yet?


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