Valley Medical – ‘Ad Nadja’

Valley Medical is an electronic music producer from Chicago, and under this moniker, explored a flair for stunning sonic distillations that transfix and captivate, and get dancefloors moving.

Valley Medical’s latest single ‘Ad Nadja’ is an absolute banger. Emerging from a cloak of dreamy, ethereal tones it quickly establishes its dancefloor credentials. Soft swirls of synth and pillowy beats morph and transform into a bright up tempo jam as sputtering and choppy electronics and burbling synthesizers are stitched together with acid squelches, deep house basslines, winding techno and ravey tones. The frantic stuttering beats and wobbly bassline groove is a match made in heaven and not only is it totally addicting but it will get your body grooving (and no doubt dancefloors moving).

Listen to ‘Ad Nadja’ below:

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