Yasuyuki Uesugi – ‘Amplifier Module’

Yasuyuki Uesugi is a Japanese techno music producer, using only analogue equipment, explores a penchant for intense, rawsonic distillations that transfix and captivate.

Uesugi’s latest single ‘Amplifier Module’ is a raw and uncompromising dancefloor destroying banger. It a huge, relentless and brutal mash of winding techno, ravey tones and spiralling synths There is no quarter given as slamming beats, propulsive groove and chugging tempo pulverise the listen into submission. It is a muscular sound that while pretty brutal and frantic, amid the choppy electronics and burbling synthesizersit displays a real floor-filling energy and danceablity. A simply massive tune.

Tune in below:

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