Oddnesse – ‘Lover’s Calling’

Oddnesse is the fruitful collaboration between musician Rebeca Arango and producer Grey Goon, two east-coast expats based in Los Angeles with a shared affinity for catchy hooks, heavy grooves and apocalyptic hypotheticals.

The pair have drip feeding us lush, lovable singles for the past while and Oddnesse have returned with another beauty in ‘Lover’s Calling’. It is laidback and dreamy as it slowly unfurls along a seductive groove and drips with a lush melody as bright riff and shimmering synth entangle themselves with the mellifluous vocals Arango. It is a beautiful single – a rich, melodic and lush pop treat – and one that will be spinning around your head all week.

Listen to ‘Lover’s Calling’ below – it is sure to warm your heart in this cold weather.

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