O Future – ‘Control The Rain’

O Future have cultivated something of a niche for themselves, fusing electronic, orchestral and art-pop music to create a captivating brand of colourful, imaginative and danceable sounds.

Comprised of Katherine Mills Rymer from South Africa and Jens Bjornkjaer originally from Denmark, who both now reside in Los Angeles, O Future have served up a steady feast of seductive sounds and the pair’s latest single ‘Control The Rain’ is no different. It is a tantalizing array of lush atmospheric synths, seductive beats, elegant breezy vocals and sweeping symphonic sounds. ‘Control The Rain’ is a stunning single that is beautiful and ethereal, as flourishes of orchestral strings adding a final alluring layer of cinematic class and sweeping grandeur.

Listen to ‘Control The Rain’ below – and there is more here.

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