Magdalena Bay – ‘Killshot’

Magdalena Bay is an LA-based duo comprised of Mica Tenenbaum (songwriting, vocals) and Matthew Lewin (songwriting, vocals, production), who have a flair for lush and infectious electro-pop. 

Drawing inspiration from retro pop songwriting and contemporary production, the pair began writing together in high school and started making music under the Magdalena Bay moniker in 2016. The result has been a stellar streak of upbeat and synth-driven singles, none more so than latest single ‘Killshot’. A flawless, lovesick electro-pop anthem, Tenenbaum’s lush and alluring vocals glide above a seductive slinking synth line, slick beats, colourful bursts electronics and flourishes of sumptuous strings. ‘Killshot’ is as close to perfection as pop can get, by the time the chorus blooms you are utterly powerless to the persuasive allure of the rich melody, seductive groove and delightful harmonies; it is quite mellow, yet with one foot firmly on the dance floor – soothing yet energised.

Listen to ‘Killshot’ below – it does not disappoint:

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