Introducing: Frantik Krantik

Frantik Krantik (aka Krantik Banerjee) is a Sydney-based musician / producer whose music is inspired by people and places, and artists like Bonobo, Caribou and Four Tet.

The result is a sound that goes large of emotional draw as he marries the exquisite elegance of electronica, dancefloor focus and seductive grooves of house music with the melancholy heart melting allure of dream-pop. Frantik Krantik has just released a new EP called Myson, and it is wonderful. ‘Distance’ takes all those aforementioned components and creates a rich and alluring soundscape. Lush synths fizz with life and effervescence, gushing over soft beats and sparkling electronics, amid the warm allure of sunny tones and dreamy vibes. ‘Time’ meanwhile is chilled and meditative as a tick-tock drum beat runs beneath an electric guitar strum, ambient vibes, lush synth and atmospheric swirls; more subdued, ethereal and contemplative yes, but just as lush and elegant.  Both tracks – and the entire EP for that matter – are bound together by a sense of joy and happiness as the lush surroundings are peppered by bouts of euphoria.

You can check out ‘Distance’ & ‘Time’ below – and the entire EP is here.

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