Roosle – ‘Slowly, Surely’

Roosle is a US producer with a preference for lush, laid-back lo-fi lullabies.

Born from a desire to craft a modern lullaby for Roosle’s newborn daughter, latest single ‘Slowly, Surely’ is divine. It is lush and alluring as it gently flows over a seductive groove and soft beats and hushed, hazy atmosphere, twinkling keys and gushing synths. ‘Slowly, Surely’ is sweet, charming and gentle, lulling you into a blissful state of tranquillity by virtue of it’s warm, cosy and supremely mellow atmosphere. You are unlikely to hear anything close to as beautiful, blissful and downright seductive for a very long time.

‘Slowly, Surely’ is out now – tune in below: 

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