Pale Honey – ‘Set me Free’

Swedish outfit Pale Honey have released a brand new single ‘Set me Free’, the first new material from the band since 2017 album Devotion.

The single is accompanied with news of a forthcoming third album, to be released in February 2020 on Bolero Recordings. While still centred around the dual talents of Tuva Lodmark & Nelly Daltrey, ‘Set me Free’ embarks upon new groovier territory while maintaining a very nice balance between dancey electro-pop and alternative rock. A melancholic yet groove-laden track, the icy stare, meaty riffs and chugging intensity that marked their previous work remains while a lighter, feelgood 90s electronica vibes are subtly blended to take the edge off. It is a wonderfully evocative and seductive track, and one that ekes out a perfect balance between light and dark, harsh and soft – and importantly, looks promising for their third record that awaits in 2020.

Listen to ‘Set me Free’ below: 

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