Moonlight Breakfast – ‘Dance Moves’

We featured Vienna-based Romanian disco lovers Moonlight Breakfast back in May when they released their third LP Affection; a personal, bold, and seductive slice of dreamy, cosmic pop.

From their home away from home, this trio cultivate a distinctive groovy disco-pop sound, and by way of an example of their effervescent, synthy disco ways, get acquainted with ‘Dance Moves’. Tempered by a breezy atmosphere and ethereal ambience, ‘Dance Moves’ moves along a deep irresistible groove, funk-filled bass and colourful beats, this deliciously vibrant, sparkling slice of cosmic disco struts its way onto the dance floor, leaving you hypnotised and compelled to follow. Skipping softly over a gentle alluring groove, protruded by bubbling synths and flecks of electronics, a lush and dreamy world of cosmic electronica manifests itself. Amid this utterly beautiful soundscape, another alluring layer of bewitching beauty is provided by the heavenly, hushed and ever so melodic vocal.

Tune into ‘Dance Moves’ and video below – a serious tune!

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