Thoma – ‘Union’

Thoma are the musical duo comprising of Tristan de Liége and Ben Hill from Oklahoma City, but based in Mexico City and Los Angeles.

Drawing from a broad pool of experimental electronica influences, their sound is one of exquisite elegance, rich textures and chilled vibes. Lifted from their forthcoming album (out via Loci Records), gorgeous new single ‘Union’ beautifully outlines what Thoma are all about. Oscillating between ebullience for chilly rhythms, ‘Union’ is transfixing and hypnotic as clanging notes, crisp beats and glistening synths combine with a blissful air leave you powerless to its spell. Precise, pristine and enthralling – it ekes out a space where colour and warmth can coexist with a glacial but imperious ambience.

The new album Salt Spring will be released on November 15, for now, check out ‘Union’.

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