Light Phases – ‘Energy Flux’

Light Phases is an electronic music project from Huddersfield-born, Rotherham-based musician and producer, Nick Staples.

With Light Phases, Staples explores diverse electronic sounds and sonic palettes grounded in the melodic, ambient, deep, and rhythmic, which evoke emotion, whilst never too far from the dance floor. With his sonic distillations Staples ekes out a balance between contrasting components; a proficiency in such matters is born out for all to see on debut EP, Low Wave Motion. This first musical foray under the Light Phases moniker is spearheaded by lead single ‘Energy Flux’. It strikes a perfect balance between the ethereal dreaminess and transfixing winding techno tendencies as it stitches together bright chimes, sputtering and choppy electronics and burbling synthesizers. Acid squelches are woven seamlessly with dreamy tones as we float away to a world of whispering tranquillity – it definitely veers more toward an air of slumbering meditation. 

Listen to  ‘Energy Flux’ below – and the whole EP is here too. 

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