Foreign/National – ‘Balmy Evening’

Over the course of their existence, Melbourne five-piece Foreign/National have made a habit or treating our ears to songs that are packed with sunshine and escapism, culminating in their 2017 debut LP.

The Australian outfit have announced their return with ‘Balmy Evening’, a nine-minute exploration of sound that strays from the sun-soaked, hooky pop of their earlier work, as they branch out in to more experimental territory. Inspired by afrobeat, the track features an intoxicating blend of arpeggiated synths, scratchy guitars and buoyant polyrhythmic grooves as we are treated to a lush and dreamy world of colourful splendour. This is simply just a magical musical treat, a sound collage of hazy tones, colourful swirls and seductive melodic grooves – it is quite the statement of intent for album number two.

Listen to ‘Balmy Evening’ below:

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