Who Boy – ‘Steve Reich’

Beginning life as a synth pop trio, Detroit-based Who Boy have grown to five – Max Stutz, Phoenix Eller, Sean Mackillop, Max Capasso & Maria French – and purveyors of lush dream-pop.

Following a couple of well received singles over the past 12 months – ‘Toy Plane’ & ‘Golden Reservoir’ – ‘Steve Reich’ is all kinds of wonderful and captures the very essence of the band in under three-minutes of beautiful splendour. It is a warm, woozy and serenely beautiful sound with a gently undulating groove bubbling away beneath the dreamy vibes, dripping melody and hushed, honeyed vocals. ‘Steve Reich’ is lush and alluring, sweetly melodious and glamorous, and smouldering with powerful emotion – utterly divine.

Listen to lush dream-pop personified below, a la ‘Steve Reich’.

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