Mat Creedon – ‘The Time Has Come’

Mat Creedon is an Australian artist from Melbourne with a penchant for dazzling, swirling synth-splashed psych-pop, or ‘Strange pop’ as he describes it himself.

Creedon’s latest single (a third in a trilogy of reworkings) ‘The Time Has Come’ sets out his stall for ‘strange pop’ as he ekes out a perfect balance with quirky and cool in an alluringly understated manner. A dazzling blend of parts Air, Beck, The Flaming Lips and Tame Impala, all wrapped up in delicious, swaggering pop package. ‘The Time Has Come’ is a colourful confection of quirky pop layered in psych brush strokes; it is transfixing, escapist and spacey odd-ball pop. Synths pulse as electronics fizz as we are moved along an alluring swagger groove washed with melody, hooks and harmonic qualities. ‘The Time Has Come’ is a joy as Creedon manages to create something on the right side of familiar.

Tune into ‘The Time Has Come’ below:

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