Safetalk – ‘I Know’

Since introducing themselves in 2017, Anglo-French trio Safetalk – comprised of two Parisian producers Hugues Tonnet and Thomas Desnoyers and Berlin-based British vocalist, David Harks – have yet to disappoint.

A slew of seductive singles – ‘Universal’, ‘Static’ & ‘Layback’ to name a few – served as a nexus to their lush electronic-pop; of cosmic vibes, inspirational lyrics and shimmering synthesis. The trio’s latest ‘I Know’ is cut from a similar exquisite cloth. It is sonic sculpture that slinks along in a slow mo fashion with some deep heavy future R N B overtures and skeletal beat coupled with a passion for surreal storytelling. Harks’ hypnotic vocal transmit a tale of digital darkness amid gloriously lush backdrop of enveloping flickers of light and shimmers of warm synth. It is a seductive slice of lush and transfixing electronic-pop; and one that will leave you all the better for making its acquaintance.

The superb ‘I Know’ is out now – tune in below:

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