Joviale – ‘Taste Of The Heavens’

Joviale is a musician and songwriter from London with a flair for colourful, infectious, effervescent and soulful psych-pop.

Joviale is readying the release of her debut EP ‘Crisis’ September 6th, and has shared the vibrant breath of fresh air that is ‘Taste Of The Heavens’ as a taster. Drawing inspiration the from the Greek legend of Nar­cis­sus, it is an off-kilter confection, unconventional but utterly charming enchanting incantation as it drifts along a shuffling beat, flitting in and out of psych dreaminess with a jerky groove, bouncy beat and splashes of otherworldly oddball synth and sumptuous melodies. Joviale’s vocals are spellbinding as they weave their melodic and soulful spell. ‘Taste Of The Heavens’ is peculiar but in the best way possible; playful and intriguing, soulful and melodic, it is bright, gorgeous and intoxicating.

‘Taste Of The Heavens’ is below. Tune in now.

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