Adam Melchor – ‘Joyride’

Adam Melchor is a Jersey-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter with a penchant for rich, melodic and heartfelt old-fashioned pop, as evidenced by Plan on You EP, released back in March.

Melchor is back with another alluring pop song with ‘Joyride’. Dripping with melody and a lesson in letting go, ‘Joyride’ is an intoxicating single, sweet, heart-strung affair and dusted with a pang of nostalgia. Drifting, delicately, this wistful indie-pop ballad purrs with a rich melody and gentle acoustic rumination, and illuminated by the swell of a trumpet as Melchor shares his ponderous reflections. It is a warm, hazy and heart-strung song; utterly beautiful and ever so moving.

Listen to ‘Joyride’ below:

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