Private Agenda – ‘Ultramarine’

Private Agenda is the eclectic, eccentric electronic-pop project of Sean Phillips and Martin Aggrowe. Based between London and Berlin, the pair have honed their alluring and elegant sound culminating in 9-track LP Île de Rêve.

The pair’s debut album is an exquisite, escapist excursion to a blissful world of stunning, downtempo ambiance, and most recent single, ‘Ultramarine’ is the perfect introduction to both Private Agenda, and their album. At almost eight minutes, ‘Ultramarine’ slowly unfurls, washing over you with an ease and breeze, with each passing moment revealing itself blissfully surreal, immersive and idyllic. Synths shimmer and squelch as bass lines bubble up to the surface while the shuffling, filtered percussion trickle beneath a cascading wave of warm electronics; it is a heady mix of ethereal, exquisite and heavenly electronica.

‘Ultramarine’ is taken from their debut LP Ile De Reve which was released through Lo Recordings in June – check it out here.

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