Alexis Neon – ‘Sink Into It’

Alexis Neon are a dream-pop duo based in Ottawa, Canada.

Buoyed by a flair for rich, dreamy soundscapes, the Canadian pair reside in an enchanted world of calming sounds, hazy vibes and rich melody, marked by an omnipresent melancholy.  

Alexis Neon’s new single ‘Sink Into It’ is lifted form their forthcoming Seven Windows EP, and is a case in point. ‘Sink Into It’ is a dusty and cinematic cut imbued with a hazy melancholy and rich melodic purr that makes you privy to every iota of emotion. It is a dreamy journey along an undulating meandering groove through transfixing hazy textures and moody, slumbering and somewhat gloomy atmospheres as we’re treated to breezy and mellifluous vocals, delivered with elegance and stirring commanding craft. ‘Sink Into It’ is all kinds of wonderful – it captivates, evokes emotion and thrills in equal measure.

Listen to ‘Sink Into It’ below and keep those eyes peeled for the Seven Windows EP.

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