Heavy Heart – ‘Cry Ice’

London dream-pop outfit Heavy Heart draw their 2019 trilogy of singles to a close on thrilling fashion with ‘Cry Ice’.

Like the previous two transfixing and beautiful singles, ‘Dowsabel’ and ‘Bed Bug’, ‘Cry Ice’ yields marvellous results. Drifting seamlessly along, ‘Cry Ice’ brings an even more intimate and emotive flavour to their vivid songwriting and luscious dream pop. Keyboards gently flicker and guitars glisten as Vincent’s velvety vocals soar above the steady beat, warm blanket of fuzz and melodic allure. It is a heady and potent mix that is fragile yet powerful and forceful yet melancholic, that leaves you powerless as it pulls heavy on the heartstrings. While all three singles arose from the demise of lead singer Anna Vincent and guitarist Patrick Fitzroy’s seven-year relationship, ‘Cry Ice’ feels much more personal and emotional, as it tells a tale of two lovers slowly and painfully freezing to death on a mountain, side by side, but unable to reach the other. Like the previous singles, this one was mixed and co-produced by Gabe Wax (The War On Drugs, Palehound, Soccer Mommy), and is utterly divine.

Tune into ‘Cry Ice’ below:

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