James Leonard Hewitson – ‘Deader’

Hartlepool native James Leonard Hewitson is an artist with a flair for fuzzed-up, infectious slices of slacker(ish) indie-rock; a rep fleshed out with a series of well-received demos.

James Leonard Hewitson has a debut LP called Only The Noise Will Save Me coming in the Autumn via Butterfly Effect Records and lead single ‘Deader’ is a charming bopper adorned with all the aforementioned attributes, and more. Buoyant yet sombre, ‘Deader’ is constructed around buzzing bass lines, crunchy riffs, raucous guitar, smashing drums, and all treated to a lavish lashing of warm fuzz. It is upbeat and bright pop song armed with hooks you could hang your hat on and the most alluring, singalong chorus you’ll hear this year; “I’m feeling deader, deader, deader.

Listen to ‘Deader’ below (you will feel better for it) and keep an eye out for that album come Autumn.

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