Remington Super 60 – ‘The Highway Again’

Remington Super 60 are a Norweigan outfit revolving around the songwriting exploits of Christoffer Schou with a preference for retro-flavoured indie-pop brimming with warmth and dreamy nostalgia.

Having formed in 1998, Remington Super 60 are something of veterans but on the evidence of their timeless and blissed out new single ‘The Highway Again’, the years have been good to them and have lost none of their sparkle. It is a deliciously sweet of confection that purrs with a rich melodic allure as it drifts along a wave of blissful dreamy nostalgia. A joyous affair of sumptuous swelling harmonies, gentle guitar jangle and Casio synth melody; it is a magical, timeless and ridiculously catchy single with a hopefully vibe. Three-minutes of blissful indie-pop perfection,‘The Highway Again’ is something rather special and resides on the right side of familiar.

A new EP is in the works for later this year but for now, you can listen to ‘The Highway Again’ below:

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