Taylor Knox – ‘Live it Up’

Toronto musician Taylor Knox is gearing up to release new album Here Tonight on June 7.

The forthcoming record is the follow-up to 2017 debut Love and preceded by lead single ‘Live It Up’, which is adorned with all the signature bells and whistles of Knox’s debut. It is bright, energetic and super catchy, and packed to the rafters with irresistible power pop hooks – the allure of ‘Live It Up’ is great. Loud, crunchy guitars lead the charge with a powerful, forceful and driving rhythm for company as we are treated to a sweetly melodic world of sweet licks and lovely layers of fuzz and mild distortion – and hooks you could hang your hat on. It is a powerful, hooky and anthemic power-pop colossus – a great omen for the new album.

Listen to ‘Live it Up’ below:

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