Trudy and the Romance – ‘That’s Not Me’

Trudy and the Romance are preparing to release their debut albumSandman, later this month and ahead of its release on May 24, the trio have released a final single ‘That’s Not Me’.

‘That’s Not Me’ is that latest in a line of sultry singles demonstrating their penchant for rich, melodic and heartfelt old-fashioned pop. It is an intoxicating single, sweet, heartfelt and imbued with a pang of nostalgia. Drifting, delicately, this wistful indie-pop ballad purrs with a rich, dripping melody and pulls hard on heartstrings as vocals croon amid the swell of lush, swooning orchestral-pop tones. It is a beautiful song plain and simple – musically and lyrically – it is warm, hazy and heart-strung. It will take a cold heart to be enamoured by this beauty. A rich and alluring blend of dreamy harmonies and dazzling pop, it is bursting with everything good pop music should be.

Listen to ‘That’s Not Me’ below and keep your eyes peeled for Sandman on May 24.

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