Orouni – ‘Former Lorry Driver’

Parisian indie pop collective Orouni are back with a new single ‘Former Lorry Driver’, and oh my, it is a beauty!

This should comes with little surprise as the French outfit have proven with a number of records already, they are no novices. In fact they are virtuoso’s when it comes to classic, melodic guitar pop music, and on April 19, Orouni will be adding another LP, called Partitions to their burgeoning collection – of which today’s focal point is lifted.

‘Former Lorry Driver’ is playfully buoyant with an effortless ear for melody – it is the embodiment of pure pop perfection. It is charming and fizzes with an infectious, melodic energy as it skips along snapping drums, a smattering of 8-bit style synth and sprightly, buzzing keyboard creating a whimsical wonderland of pop for the dueting Antoni Collins and Sofia Bolt’s vocals to add a final layer of lushness. ‘Former Lorry Driver’ elegantly flits between melancholic and beautiful, the subject not withstanding – a man who survived a cancer scare after being told he only had six months to live – at times bittersweet, it is buoyed by hope.

Partitions is out on April 19 but you can get acquainted with ‘Former Lorry Driver’ below now.

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