Dorvin Borman – ‘I Punch The Clock’

Dorvin Borman is a LA-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer whose penchant for glorious, colourful sound collage is heavily influenced by strokes of psych and dream-pop.

As one-third of the hazy dream-pop trio Mama Kokomo. Borman charmed us with sublime singles ‘Primavera Feel’ and ‘Valley of Heat’ before stepping out on his own with woozy psych-pop gem ‘In A Field So Far Away’, last year. And it is his solo guise which draws our attention once again, and new single ‘I Punch The Clock’, which captures the aesthetic perfectly. Dreamy, melodic psych-pop soaked in a woozy mesh of gentle, laid-back and calming sounds marry gently distorted guitars, effortless melodiousness and gently undulating, atmospheric effects. It is three-and-a-half-minutes of dream inducing, melting instrumentation, exploring through an elegant sound of cascading frazzled electronics and twinkling synth. This elegant combination is filtered through a haze of dreamy textures and layers of mild fuzz and topped off with breezy but steadfast vocals. An elegant, hazy and sunkissed meander that is vulnerable yet confident and simplistic yet stylish; and one that will have you reaching for repeated plays.

Listen to ‘I Punch The Clock’ below now:

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