False Heads – ‘Slease’

London trio False Heads – singer and guitarist Luke Griffiths, bassist Jake Elliott and drummer Barney Nash – have marked themselves as noisemakers supreme over the past two and a bit years.

During that period, the London trio have made it their business to blow us away with a blistering blend of grunge/punk through a slew of ferocious singles. And now, their latest ‘Slease’, is the first lifted from their forthcoming debut LP, and is no less thrilling than anything that’s gone before. In fact, it is a monstrous anthem of searing riffs, mighty bass lines, seething vocals and pounding, punk-infused beats, coming together to create one unified torrent of devastating noise – a perfect storm for Griffiths’ snarly and venomous vocals. An exhilarating, breathtaking whirlwind of rock ‘n roll fury.

Listen to ‘Yellow’ below – word of warning, turn it up LOUD.

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