Pi Ja Ma – ‘I Hate U’

Pi Ja Ma is the moniker of French artist and singer Pauline de Tarragon, who crafts rather addicting alt-pop, as evidenced by her recently released debut album, Nice to meet U.

Anyway, Pi Ja Ma is back with a sublimely seductive single in shape of ‘I Hate U’. Lifted from the aforementioned debut, ‘I Hate U’ is a colourful confection of 60s psych and folk influences, quirky pop and contemporary indie and dream-pop.

Destination pure indie-pop heaven, ‘I Hate U’ playfully bubbles along with a bouncy charm, bursting with vitality, catchy harmonies and dripping with lush melodies as skittish guitar swerve in and out amid flourishes of orchestral pop, with de Tarragon’s sweet, airy vocals adding the final touch of magic. It sounds both familiar and fresh – and unquestionably exciting, eccentric and terrifically catchy – it is a sugary sweet track sure to be stuck in your head for days and days.

Listen to ‘I Hate U’ below and if that is to your liking, please check out debut album, Nice to meet U, here.

Satin Jackets ft. David Harks – ‘Shadow Of You’

German producer Satin Jackets and Brighton-bred/Berlin-based artist David Harks have joined forces once again for new single ‘Shadow Of You’.

The last time they formed an alliance was for ‘Northern Lights’ with results of pure gold – and the good news is, Satin Jackets and Harks have repeated the trick once more. ‘Shadow Of You’ is lifted from Satin Jackets’ forthcoming LP Solar Nights – the second from the German nu-disco purveyor aka Tim Bernhardt – a breezy, chiming retro-futurist affair. ‘Shadow Of You’ lures you in with its swaggering seductive disco-indebted groove, twisting analogue synths, stabs of robust keys and airy tones, before sealing the deal with Harks’ sultry smooth vocal stylings, for a match made in heaven. It’s a perfectly balanced collaboration, bright, airy and downright irresistible – ‘Shadow Of You’ will have you hooked from the off.

Do yourself a favour, listen to ‘Shadow Of You’ below.

Foundlings – ‘Busan’

Residing in a world between infectiously melancholic indie-pop and angular, post-punk inflected stomps, Foundlings is Amber Price, Bryan Ong, Matthew Sykes and Oliver Wareham.

Earlier this month, the Brighton/London foursome released their self-titled debut EP via Last Night From Glasgow and fronted by lead single ‘Busan’. Inspired by Korean horror film Train To Busan, it is a sharp edged barrage of thunderous post-punk guitars, punchy bass, haunting vocals and relentless driving rhythm section. A powerful, passionate and thunderous slice of riff-heavy, post-punk fuelled indie-rock, it flits between contrasting caustic and poppy edges to find a sweet spot between the two to give us a track of that is soaring, melodic and triumphant, and will leave an indelible mark on your psyche! An absolute masterclass.

You can check out ‘Busan’ below & if that is to your liking, you can check out their debut EP in its entirety here.

Kidsmoke – ‘Passenger’

Kidsmoke are Welsh indie-pop foursome – Lance, James, Sophie & Ash – who’s shimmering brand of dreamy indie-pop whisks us far away from their native North Wales haven of Wrexham.

Following on from late 2018 single ‘Rising Sun’, ‘Passenger’ is the latest single lifted from Kidsmoke’s forthcoming debut album, due for release Summer 2019. ‘Passenger’ is an elegant, breezy and evocative slice of indie pop. A super melodic jangle propelled by a chiming, buoyant and off-kilter guitar riff juxtaposed with wistful, reflective lyrics. ‘Passenger’ is a shimmering, uplifting and addictive three-minute masterclass in indie-pop, and one that certainly whets the appetite for their debut album. A little slice of indie-pop heaven.

‘Passenger’ is the band’s second single lifted from their forthcoming album, due out this summer.

BILK – ‘CM2’

BILK are young Essex trio of Sol Abrahams (vocals/guitar), Luke Hare (bass), and James Holland (drums) who’s preference is an angsty blend of indie, rap and punk; and a fondness for Fred Perry and Adidas.

The trio introduced their  feisty, energetic and raw wears toward the end of last year with ‘Slob’ and the good news is, BILK’s first offering of 2019 in just as thrilling. New single ‘CM2’ is a fast, furious and ramshackle dose of gritty guitars and spat-out vocals, combining tongue-in-cheek humour with insightful social commentary. An apologetically raw and lippy indie-punk sound, laced with crunching guitars, buzz-saw riffs and furious fast-paced drums providing fuel for the volatile, semi-rapped/spat-out streetwise lyrics that are brash and mouthy. ‘CM2’ is a tongue-in-cheek homage to the boys hometown of Chelmsford, if I’m honest, I’d hoped it was a homage to Championship Manager 2 but that is more than a little before their time but regardless of their muse, this is an absolute gem. 

BILK play Eastbound Festival, Dublin (in the Sound House on Eden Quay) on May 12th.

Tune into ‘CM2’ below:

Midnight Wayne – ‘Someone Like You’

Midnight Wayne is new the solo project of Wayne Soper, former frontman for Dublin rock group The Hot Sprockets.

‘Someone Like You’ is the debut single from the artist under his new moniker, and its a fantastic first offering from this fledgling venture. ‘Someone Like You’ is a gorgeous, hazy psychedelic dream. Blending parts pop, psychedelic and folk into a colourful confection of blissed out, sunny summery vibes. Hushed, elegant dreamy vocals intertwine with heavenly backing harmonies, hooks you could hang your hat on and slinking, irresistibly smooth groove for what is sultry psych-pop perfection. This one is bound to be stuck in your head from the very first listen – a pure earworm.

Tune into ‘Someone Like You’ below:

Zefur Wolves – ‘Flying High’

Welsh fuzzed-up alt-rockers Zefur Wolves have returned with sublime new single ‘Flying High’ following a two year absence.

Not only marking an end to two years radio silence, ‘Flying High’ is also the lead single from the Cardiff-based outfit’s forthcoming album Truth is in the Stars, out on Strangetown Records on 29 March. Produced by Super Furry Animals’ Cian Ciaran, ‘Flying High’ is a beautifully melodic slice of sun-kissed and fuzzy alt-rock. Simultaneously darkly moody and exuding positivity, the delightful juxtaposition between jarring distorted guitars and the breezy carefree melodies and Estelle Ios’ (also of Baby Queens) honeyed vocals is seductive and ultimately hypnotic. ‘Flying High’ is a spellbinding and beautiful track and an absolute joy to behold – and one that certainly bodes well for the follow up to their wonderful self-titled debut in 2015

Check out the wonderful ‘Flying High’ below & Truth is in the Stars is out 29 March via Strangetown Records.

Nia Wyn – ‘Last Laugh’

We’ve been keeping tabs on London-based North-Walian artist, Nia Wyn for a while now, and on each and every given opportunity, she has impressed no end.

Singles like ‘Do You Love Enough’, ‘Help Me’ & ‘Turnstile’ introduced us to Wyn and marked the Welsh artist and her powerful, raw and soulful sounds as something special. Teaming up with producer Nutty P (Ghetts, Wretch 32), new single ‘Last Laugh’ is of an equally high calibre as those which have gone before it. Moving over a soulful hip-hop-tinged backdrop, ‘Last Laugh’ moves, grooves and swaggers along as Wyn’s rich soulful voice takes centre stage as she takes aim at some of the liars and bullshitters that pop up in the music industry, promising the sun, moon and stars, but in reality are just in it for themselves – a ‘me feiner’. ‘Last Laugh’ is another sublime single, rich and soulful, and the vocals – just stunning!

Listen to ‘Last Laugh’ below & if that is to your liking, why not check out Nia Wyn’s back catalogue.

WOB! – ‘Syncopate’

WOB! is a Serbian/Irish drummer, electronic music producer and DJ with a preference and precocious talent for crafting elegant & fluid compositions encompassing parts electronica, electro-pop, drum & bass and house.

Latest single from WOB!, ‘Syncopate’, is a perfect exponent of this spirit. Shifting along a sea of squiggling, squelching basslines and flurry of fluid beats ‘Syncopate’ moves with a fluid, liquid-like dexterity. Brimming with chill out vibes, stabs of Balearic-esque keys and flourishes of synths and harmonic vocals, this is an utterly transfixing three-minutes of infectious, neon-bright and beautiful electronica.

Also, WOB! teamed up with artists from Poland to create the stunning laser powered visuals on the video for ‘Syncopate’, lead by Okime Emiko – check it and the single itself below now.

WOB! will be performing live with four-piece band on April 12 in Brewery Corner, Kilkenny and June 2 at Vantastival. Tune in below:

Japanese Television – ‘Bloodworm’

A furious fusion of post-punk, psychedelia and krautrock, ‘Bloodworm’ is the new single by British four-piece, Japanese Television.

Recorded by Kristian Bell of The Wytches in an old isolated village hall onto an 8 track tape, ‘Bloodworm’ follows the band’s acclaimed 2018 debut EP, and finds them further exploring the outer reaches of their versatile sound.

‘Bloodworm’ is a furious, fuzzed up trip across a cosmic, kaleidoscopic world – owing as much to post-punk, psychedelia and krautrock to sci-fi, it is whirlwind of exploding colours and exhilarating energy. The pace is unrelenting, frantically clamouring to one frenetic crescendo as another, propelled on the back of breakneck beats, scintillating riffs, off-kilter rhythms and a swirl of demonic organs – forged together, it is delivered with a burning intensity. Frantic, fevered and frenetic; ‘Bloodworm’ is an outrageously brilliant track (and one that is a close relation to one of Wales’ finest sons, Hippies Vs Ghosts).

Listen to ‘Bloodworm’ below, it is out now via Tip Top Recordings.