Black Beach Baby – ‘Loser’


Black Beach Baby are Stockholm-based duo of Andy and My, who formed in 2017 and bring all manner of gorgeous, dreamy indie-pop vibes – and for their latest single ‘Loser’, Black Beach Baby do just that.

‘Loser’ is a magnificent slice of melodic guitar pop, illuminated by drifting, dreamlike atmospherics, jangling guitar and bubbly bass, skirting around the borders of indie, shoegaze, psychedelia and of course, pop. ‘Loser’ shimmers and drifts with a weightlessness, as hushed, airy vocals, imbued with an aching sense of melancholy, create a sense of both depth and warmth, buoyed with a hopefulness, yet yearning with a pang of melancholy. Delicate, dreamy and captivating, Black Beach Baby strike a balance between light and dark, hope and heartache, that like ‘Loser’ in general, is a thing of sheer beauty.

‘Loser’ is out now – you can listen to it below now:

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