Heavy Heart – ‘Bed Bug’


What started as a lo-fi, bedroom project in a tiny flat above the main road in New Cross, south London, Heavy Heart comprised of Anna Vincent (lead vocals, guitar), Patrick Fitzroy (guitar, backing vocals), James Vincent (guitar, backing vocals) and Craig Brown (drums), has grown and flourished to yield some marvellous results.

Heavy Heart spent 2016 writing, recording and releasing a new song each month that year, and then collaborated with vinyl-only label I Can & I Will to re-release all twelve tracks as a limited-edition LP entitled Keepsake. With a new EP out this Spring, the London four-piece have shared sublime new single, ‘Bed Bug’, the first of three mixed and co-produced by Gabe Wax (The War On Drugs, Fleet Foxes and Soccer Mommy).

A bright, shimmering tune from the get go, Heavy Heart proceed to explore the worlds of ‘90s indie rock, shoegaze and dream pop over the course of four-and-a-half minutes sprinkled with yearning, melancholy, hope and glistening guitar lines and a massive sound. Opening with an burst of drums and guitars, it grabs your attention through jangling guitar riffs and crisp but haunted vocals that plunges into a soaring bittersweet chorus full of lamenting heartache with a lush backdrop of shimmering strings as ‘Bed Bug’ goes huge on the hooks and choruses. It also showcases a prowess for crafting brilliant melodies and tight harmonies, interspersed with crashing drums that are matched by taut, twisting chords and we’ve got a MASSIVE sound. Delicate but powerful, layers of guitars, fuzz, distortion and whirring are moulded into something beautiful, transfixing you as it ekes out a perfect space between light and shade.

Tune in below.

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